AD Tracer Strategy

In the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, tau spreads across different brain areas through synaptic contacts; such movement of tau is aligned with the onset of the disease symptoms. APRINOIA’s tau PET tracer APN1607 can classify stages of AD patients by displaying the corresponding spreading patterns of tau. Physicians can then enroll appropriate patients and monitor the efficacy of drugs, thus enhancing the effects of drug development

Rare Disease Strategy

APN-1607 is the first PET tracer in the landscape that can visualize Tau aggregates in rare “Pure Tauopathy.” With the application of APN-1607, the expected location of Tau pathology can be seen in all the Tauopathy patients scanned. We provide the clinical strategy of using our tracers to stratify the different Tauopathy patients so that Tau-centric therapeutics can be applied more accurately. 



Neurodegenerative Disease-Related Antibody Platform

APRINOIA has deployed the strategy to generate a collection of antibodies against neurodegenerative disease-related molecules; specifically, the library of antibodies is developed directly from patients’ tissues. With APRINOIA’s expertise in neurological science, we have our unique screening strategy to select therapeutic antibodies for each disease. We aim to discover new therapeutic mechanisms and targets to bring innovative solutions to unmet needs of neurodegenerative diseases.

Small Molecule Therapeutics Platform

Based on our teams’ expertise in working with neurodegenerative disease and combined with our bespoke collection of > 1000 compounds targeting CNS aggregated proteins, we have established a Small Molecule Therapeutics Platform.


We have a subset of compounds in our chemical library which selectively binds neurodegenerative disease-related proteins. Currently, we are developing multiple modes of actions to inhibit abnormal protein aggregations and/or to break apart aggregates that have already formed, thus reducing the malignant effects caused by abnormal protein aggregations in the brain.