Paul Tempest

Senior Vice President

of Drug Discovery

Paul studied chemistry at MIT and UCLA, receiving a PhD from UCLA in 1997. He joined industry directly, with Amgen’s newly formed small molecule group in Thousand Oaks, CA where he worked on several Hit to Lead projects in CNS, CV and Oncology and developed novel chemistry for heterocyclic libraries, as well as property- and target-based focused libraries. Five years later he transferred to Amgen-Cambridge where he worked on kinases in the Lead ID space. He joined the newly created Merck-Boston research site in 2004, leading a parallel medicinal chemistry group, contributing to all the medicinal chemistry projects on site including Oncology and CNS areas in both Hit to Lead and Lead ID areas. In 2009, he left Boston for Shanghai, China with ChemPartner-Shanghai. In Shanghai, he led >20 integrated projects for clients from virtual companies to Big Pharma, including CNS, Oncology, Metabolic Disease and ADC projects, successfully integrating international experience with local talent. In 2015, Paul joined APRINOIA as Head of Medicinal Chemistry. He persists in trying to study Chinese, swims regularly, drinks a lot of iced tea and now resides in Taiwan.