Hsiang-Wen Tseng Director of Preclinical Development

Hsiang-Wen Tseng is Director of Preclinical Development at APRINOIA. His majors and specialties are focused on disease animal models for pharmacodynamics evaluation of drug development. In addition, he has also developed preclinical toxicity models and in vitro alternative non-animal methods for cosmetics and chemicals for toxicology studies. Hsiang-Wen has managed the Pharmacodynamics Development and Animal Laboratory in Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the world’s top R&D institutes for developing and commercializing advanced technologies in Taiwan. He received his Bachelor of Pharmacy at Taipei Medical University and obtained his MS and PhD in Pharmacology from National Yang-Ming University. He then completed postdoctoral trainings at the Institute of Biological Chemistry in Academia Sinica and served as an adjunct assistant professor at the Department of Life Science at National Taiwan Normal University.